Which Slot Machines Are Really Lucrative?

Modern online casinos

Modern online casinos have thousands of slot machines in their portfolio, so it can be really difficult to choose the right game. And many casino players wonder which online slots actually pay out. In this article, we will analyze some specific features of slots such as the number of paylines, RTP value, and volatility, and try to understand how these parameters affect the slot machine’s payouts.

RTP Value, Volatility, And Winnings

Modern online casinos

The RTP value is a parameter whose value is set by the game developers. And since this value actually indicates how much the slot machine pays out on average, you can use it as a guide. However, it is important to understand that the RTP value stated on the casino website and the actual RTP value may differ from each other. Volatility is also another trustworthy factor to consider.

Number of Paylines and Winnings

Modern online casinos

Anyone who has been playing for a long time knows that the game experiences greater dispersion by setting the minimum number of lines. This means that the winnings are much higher compared to the rates, but much less frequent. Here it is important to pay attention to a few basic points. If the casino uses an adaptive mathematical model, there is essentially no difference in the number of lines and bet size. It is important to know that the potential winnings already have a limit.

However, when a mathematical random model is used, the slot machines become much riskier. An experienced player uses his strategies and in most cases will try to play on all lines. Exceptions are some popular slot machines where the bonus game is activated when any three scatter symbols appear on any field of the drum. This means that the number of winning lines has no impact on the overall chances of starting the bonus round. But already in the bonus round the winnings will be lower because the payments are made on 5 and not 10 lines.

So, on slot machines where the bonus game is crucial, you can set fewer lines. At the same time, experienced players advise increasing the bet – this will help win a larger amount. The second exception has to be with games that have a small number of paylines (3-5). With them there is a reason to bet big and play on 1 line.

If you look at the problem from a mathematical point of view, then the number of lines at large distances does not matter much. With fewer lines you will simply see winning combinations a little less often. We believe that the easiest way is to play the maximum number of winning combinations available on the machine. And in general it doesn’t really matter how you play, because the behavior of the player is determined by almost nothing.

Slot machines – a game of chance where the most important thing is chance and luck. In case you don’t know yet, we’ll let you in on a secret: even your choice of bonus symbols and other chips in bonus tours does not affect your winnings. When you think about what to choose, the random number generator already has a ready-made version of the amount it wants to give you.

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