Six reasons why it’s worth placing bets on rugby

rugby betting

In Europe, rugby is clearly not as popular as football. And tipsters who have heard of American football don’t necessarily know rugby very well. Of course, rugby is much more popular in English-speaking countries, but rugby is often unfairly ignored here. In this article we have listed six reasons that clearly speak for rugby betting.

Rugby is similar to football, but different

Are you looking for a change in your betting experience? Have you been betting on soccer and/or American football for a while and would you like an interesting alternative? Then betting on rugby is what you are looking for. Rugby is also a team sport with two tips and a ball. The goal of each team is to score goals and get more points than the opposing team at the end of the game. Betting on rugby is therefore similar to betting on football and betting on American football, but you will have to deal with rugby specifically.

When it comes to rugby, you can choose between rugby union and rugby league

rugby betting

We’ve already written about variety, and here’s more proof that rugby is very varied. Basically, rugby games take place in one of two formats, rugby union and rugby league. The two have the same origin, and rugby union is actually the original form of rugby league with classic rules. And each format has its own bets. Exciting, right?

There are many great rugby betting markets

If you are interested in betting on rugby, you already have a pretty good selection when it comes to betting markets. It’s not just traditional match bet, 3-way bet, handicap, score bet, live bet, and outright. Rugby special bets such as bets on first player to score a try in the game. And since the game consists of two halves, many betting options are also available in two variants.

Rugby is quite easy to understand

At this point we would like to emphasize again that the basic principle of this sport is quite simple. Two teams, one ball (“egg”), score, clear rules. If you already know football, you can quickly understand the rules of rugby. Games are also easy to follow, you will immediately understand what is going on on the field.

Rugby is very entertaining

rugby betting

Maybe just as entertaining as football. And rugby is even more dynamic than football in terms of rules and basic principles. Additionally, rugby is an even more physical sport than football, and players move more intensely and faster. The sport is also harder than football because it can involve physical contact. It’s the sport where things really get down to business straight away. And another rule that you play until the ball goes out of bounds makes the game even more entertaining.

There are many rugby tournaments and world championships

And when it comes to choosing an event to bet on, there will be no shortage. One of the biggest events in rugby is the Rugby World Cup, which takes place every four years. Every year the rugby competition called the Six Nations tournament takes place. Six countries take part in this traditional rugby union tournament. It is the big event for all fans of rugby. Of course, there are also several smaller rugby competitions that you can also place bets on.

And rugby is fun? Why not bet on rugby now

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