Rugby Betting: Tips and Tricks

Betting on rugby

Not a well-known sport, rugby shares some similarities with American football and soccer. Betting on rugby is a good way to diversify your betting experience at any betting provider. We would be happy to give you some tips to make it easier for you to get started in the world of rugby betting.

Get to grips with rugby rules intensively

Without expert knowledge of rugby, you will hardly be able to successfully bet on rugby. Actually, this rule applies to every sport and to all betting markets. And you shouldn’t bet on rugby without preparation if you have a basic connection to soccer or American football. Rugby is similar to football, but has its own nuances, rules, and betting markets.

Do research

Betting on rugby

Do your own research on the game, teams and individual players. How is each team motivated? How have the players’ recent performances been? Have there been any recent injuries/losses that could affect the players’ performance in the upcoming game? Even an injury can change the outcome of the game. And how does a team play, what is their style of play?

Stick to English-language rugby websites

Rugby is played in Germany, but compared to football, rugby is not as popular. That’s why you won’t find as much information about rugby on the German-speaking Internet as on English and American websites. So be sure to visit English-language websites dedicated to rugby, you’ll see a lot more data for free.

Consider weather conditions

Especially in rugby, weather conditions have a huge influence on the outcome of the game. Heavy rain, wind, snowfall can significantly slow down the game. So research weather conditions at the stadium before the game and during the game.

Don’t forget that Rugby League and Rugby Union have different rules

Betting on rugby

Rugby is played in two formats, Rugby Union and Rugby League. There are two “traditions” within rugby, and each of them has some important characteristics. So you always have to take these differences into account. In order not to confuse anything, bet on just one format initially.

Choose a suitable rugby bet for yourself

The number of betting options in rugby is quite high. The most popular rugby bets include match bet (winner bet), 3-way bet, handicap bet, and over/under bet. Match bet or 1X2 bet is betting on the winner, and 3-way bet is betting on one of the three possible outcomes of the game: home win, away win, or draw. The bet can be placed on the entire game or on half time. Handicap bets in rugby work like any other handicap bet, it is about a fictitious deficit or lead of a team.

If you decide to place an over/under bet in rugby, you have a good choice. For example, you can bet on the score at halftime, the total score, the number of penalties or the amount of tries. 1X2 bet, also called match bet, winner bet or moneyline bet, and 3-way market 1X2 are good for your first experience with rugby betting. However, in rugby, the draw in the game doesn’t happen very often. And many of the available betting options have two variants each: full game and half time. Not to be forgotten are long-term bets, outrights and live bets.

Are you interested in betting on rugby now? Now internalize our tips and get started!

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